Moving Beyond Keywords: Creating a Lasting Impression with Your Content Strategy

I’ve been saying (since at least 2018) that search engine usefulness was in a state of decline. I have encountered numerous individuals who seem unable to find adequate results for even the most basic searches. It is worth noting that these individuals are not SEO industry professionals; they’re ordinary people becoming disenchanted with Googling.

Now, experts in the SEO field are coming around to the idea that keyword-centric content strategies no longer cut it. What they suggest instead is not a new idea but an old one. Get to know your customers.

To create a content strategy appropriate for human consumption, don’t think first about keywords. Keywords may be relevant later. But first, think about what your customers do. What are their habits? Where is your product or service most likely to pop into their mind?  

Can you picture ways in which your content will stick with your audience?

If your customer doesn’t use Twitter, don’t try creating content for Twitter. Does your customer read magazines, watch YouTube, or attend local events?

I hope this doesn’t like advice. It isn’t. It’s a call to common sense action. If you can think beyond the keywords, you’ll make a more lasting impression on your readers and might have fun in the process. Tell a story.   

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